Hands off Our Pride

I keep reading that the VPL, UBC, Police, etc. have been “banned” from the Pride Parade.

Not so.

There’s an application process to be in the event. Part of the application involves demonstrating a consistent record of effective allyship. It’s been that way for a long time. UBC and the VPL (and many police organizations) have failed to meet the requirements for entering an event that they have always had to explicitly ask permission to be a part of.

The onus is on participants to EARN the right to be in the parade. Again, this is standard procedure for most Institutional Pride Parades.

Calling it a ban places the onus on Pride for “excluding” these organizations. This is a subtle shift, but is inaccurate and absolutely unacceptable. It’s a calculated subterfuge (repeated, admittedly, by many innocent parties – which just proves its destructive force) aimed at asserting control over the Pride movement, and therefore over queer people.

If you ask permission to enter a space, you must respect the other party’s right to say no. Otherwise you aren’t a partner or an ally, you’re a conqueror. And a lot of us queer folx are really tired of our spaces, struggles, and social movements being taking over by well-meaning but undeniably destructive straight people.

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