Truth is a cleansing fire

I’m not entirely sure what this is, but I think it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever written.

Truth craves the air, like electricity craves the earth. It will burble and rise from our chests, where it stays warm nested near the heart, flickering and flowing out of our throat and over our tongue and into the path of least resistance to be heard and spoken again. Once it catches, it rages in waves across whatever world it inhabits, leaving ashes in its wake, inciting fear with its destructive power. But truth, when managed adequately, cannot be anything but cleansing, as is clear to those who welcome it or even worship at its feet. It’s not easy, to be a disciple of veracity. Those of us who choose it, I hope, all know what it is we’re getting into. The level of service that will be demanded of us, the volume of resistance and the degree of violence which with those unable to move past fear will meet the spread. After all, a forest fire’s fault is not in its existence, which is urged by the earth, but in its recklessness. Reckless disciples, of a variety of L/lords, are responsible for the parts of history that rightfully bring us the most shame. The trick is to know we can never be masters of truth, only shepherds. We still witness the destruction, and must do what we can to mitigate it, but ultimately our place is not to engage the blaze in combat. We wield softer tools, harnessing the movement of the trees in a hundred thousand forests rather than the screaming waves ripping the toes of the mountains into the sea. Truth is undeniable; we know the scent when it reaches us, but constantly overestimate our ability to articulate it. This, too, is part of truth’s magic: it is endlessly complex; too often the sense we try to make of it obscures its core. Why do we prefer the the frigidness of certainty over peaceful honesty? Not the peace of inaction, or of complacency and complicity, but the peace of freedom. Freedom to climb upwards, or to reach downward, or to dance back and forth sideways for everyone around you to see. Freedom for all of us to speak whatever we are called to say by the endlessly reincarnating spirit that is our birthright: Truth.

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